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Cleo x TBD

Planned for: 

Multigen Minis (approximately 25-35 lbs)

Estimated breeding date: May 2023 

Wavy and curly pups are possible. Red, apricot, cream/tan/beige and abstracts are possible.

1. Breeder's Pick
2. Breeder's Pick
3. JG&BG (female only)

IMG_5176 2.jpg

Scarlett x TBD (Marshmallow or another stud)

F1bb or Multigen Petites (approximately 15-25 lbs)

Expected Breeding: Nov 2022-Jan 2023 

​Expected Go Home Day: March-May 2023

Curly and Wavy pups are possible. Red/apricot, Cream/tan/beige/brown and abstracts are possible

1. Breeder's Pick
2. AW (male)
3. OP (curly male)

Litter List : Upcoming Litters
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