Preparing For Your Puppy

📌 When preparing for your puppy we recommend the following items: 



🐶Crate bed 

🐶Small indoor exercise pen:


🐶 Puppy Litter Box:

🐶 Vibrant Life Natural Paper Pellet Litter:

🐶 EZwhelp (Value 2-Pack Machine Washable, Reusable Pee Pad/Quilted, Fast Absorbing Dog Whelping Pad/Waterproof Puppy Training Pad/Housebreaking Absorption Pads

🐶Puppy blanket (We’ll send your pup home with one but it’s good to have another for when you have to put that one in the wash)

🐶Toys- you can never have enough!

🐶Dog treats (we buy the soft milk bone ones and homemade treats from K9 confectionary):

🐶Royal canine puppy dry food or whatever you are going to feed him/her. 



If you decide to feed them something different you have to transition to the new food slowly or they will get diarrhea 

🐶A small leash (I’ll send your pup home with a collar)

🐶A grooming brush 

🐶 Nuvet Puppy Shampoo:

🐶 Nuvet vitamins —  For your convenience you may order by phone by calling 800-474-7044, using order code 55114 or online at NuVet products are not sold in stores. Customers outside the U.S. must place order by phone only

🐶 for online puppy school. We use this at home for our dogs. Discount code PHP25 will save you 25% instantly. 

🐶 Consider pet insurance. We have partnered with Trupanion to give all Powderhill puppies 30 days of free health insurance. Code: BR1PH51120