​In order to reserve a spot on our waiting list we require a $500 non-refundable application and consultation processing fee. Please email us with your questions and we will reach out to you to discuss your potential placement on our list. Your payment can be made via Good Dog pay, Venmo or personal check. The fee will be applied towards the price of your puppy once you pick them out. We ask that you are 100% certain that you will be taking a puppy home from us before reserving a spot on our list, as your application and consultation processing fee is non-refundable. 


Puppies are currently $4000 total (CT Sales Tax included).

Please note, the fee is not refundable unless there is no puppy available within one year from the date of your payment (longer wait times may apply to those with specific coat, color or gender requirements).  

If you pass on a litter, you can choose a puppy from any future litter for up to 12 months after declining to take a puppy (18 months for those who were on the waiting list prior to 11/4/2021). If you don't choose a puppy within that time frame you'll be removed from the waiting list and your reservation fee will be forfeit.

*Please note, all puppies must be paid for in full by the time they are 6 weeks old if paying by check, Venmo or Good Dog payment. We require 2 weeks for these methods of payment to clear.  We will accept cash only on puppy pick up day.


*Please note, Powderhill reserves the right to keep the first two puppies from any litter in order to continue our breeding program. 


Last Updated 01/24/2022

1. TP - petite (Scarlett's litter)

2. MW - petite, female, dark coat (preferably chocolate), wavy (Spring/Summer 2022 - Scarlett's Litter)

3. OP - petite, apricot, cream, male, curly only (Scarlett's Litter)

4. RS&JS - Petite or Mini, Female, Apricot or light color, open to other colors (Cleo's Litter)

5. TT - Mini, female, wavy, lighter color (Cleo's Litter)

6. KR - petite or mini, female only, wavy (Cleo's Litter)

7. SC - petite (Scarlett's or Loca’s Litter)

8. CP - Mini, Wavy, open to gender and color (Cleo's Litter)

9. KZ - Mini or petite (Cleo's Litter)

10. MG - Petite, Male, open to colors other than white (Scarlett or Loca's Litter)