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The Details

Our Process

At Powderhill, we are constantly tweaking and evolving the process for planning, breeding, marketing and delivering puppies to our clientele. Here is our current process (Updated April 23, 2022)

VERY IMPORTANT:  Just about every single Powderhill Puppy is sold before it is conceived. The likelihood of getting a puppy from us on just a week or a month's notice is less than 5%. This is due to the huge interest in Goldendoodles, limited supply of puppies, and a large following of prospective and returning customers that we have enjoyed through our many years as a breeder. We do plan litters extremely far in advance so we are able to tell you what types of Goldendoodles we are planning up to 24 months away. We can always provide the name of the litter's mother, but we usually do not select the father until we are close to the breeding time. 


We breed puppies throughout the year as our dams come into heat. People can contact us at any time to discuss potential placement on a litter list. If you wish to reserve a puppy you will need to send a payment for $500.


The $500 reservation/application and consultation processing fee is not refundable unless there is no puppy available for you within one year of your reservation, however it can be used on any future litter for up to 12 months after declining to take a puppy from a litter. 

When sending a check (or payment through GoodDog Payment) include your name, physical and email addresses, phone and the type and size of puppy you are seeking. 


Once litters are born and we have provided pictures and a male/female breakdown, we will contact folks who are on the litter list to confirm they will be choosing a puppy from the litter.  We will then make the official litter list and post it to the website.


**Please note, Powderhill reserves the right to take the first two puppies from any litter in order to continue our breeding program**

Our dams usually become breedable on a six month heat cycle. We do not decide when any of our female dogs goes into their heat cycle – Mother Nature does, but it's usually every six months. Many times the lead female is followed closely by one or more of the other females, but this is not always the case. The dam is usually bred 10-15 days after her heat cycle begins.


At Powderhill, both dams and sires are health tested (OFA eyes, hips and elbows, patellas and cardiac) and DNA tested before being added to our breeding program.  

Powderhill reserves the right to substitute a different sire if necessary to enhance the potential for a successful litter. From the date of the first tie with the sire to the expected delivery date is nine weeks, but the delivery could take place up to 4-5 days before or after that date.

Once delivered, we prepare the mother and her puppies for their first picture, usually within 2 days, and we post that picture to the home page of our web site:

After they are born we allow the puppies to bond with their mother for a period of three weeks. This allows the mother to concentrate solely on nurturing her pups. The mother is fed frequently and given plenty of quiet time with her babies.

At three weeks of age, we microchip and begin taking weekly pictures of each individual puppy. The microchip will stay with them for the rest of their lives; initially allowing us to assure each owner that they have the right puppy, and later helping those owners to find them if they are ever lost or stolen.


When the puppies are seven weeks old they have their first vet visit and receive vaccinations. We then hold a Virtual Puppy Pick Day (Saturday or Sunday) where the owners and their families can meet the litter and select their puppy. The owners of the first pick of the litter must come first, then the owners of the second pick, etc.  Each family is given thirty minutes to select their puppy.


Pictures continue each week until week eight when the puppies are picked up. We also include some behind the scenes and informational pictures and video on our two social media sites, Facebook, TikTok and Instagram.

On week eight, the puppies are ready to go home and each owner determines a specific time to pick up their puppy and take him/her home. Besides a food sample and a blanket scented with your puppy's littermates, we provide a binder that includes the Puppy’s initial health records, instructions for registering the microchip, our written guarantee, a lineage chart, care and feeding instructions, information on NuVet Vitamin, BAXTER&Bella Puppy Training, Trupanion pet insurance, Puppy Culture recommendations, a new collar and a toy.

The Package

All Powderhill puppies include the following:

1. A Microchip is implanted for identification if your dog is ever lost or stolen. The price of your puppy includes the lifetime registration fee to attach your name to your puppy's microchip. (You will need to fill out the form and send it in.)

2. All Powderhill puppies receive a wellness check by our veterinarian, receive their first shots and are de-wormed before leaving us for your home. All documentation is provided to you in your go-home booklet.

3. You will receive a Lineage Chart showing at least three generations of ancestors of your puppy.


4. Care Instructions covering feeding and training are also provided.

5. A written two-part Guarantee is provided.​


6. A record showing your puppy's worming and shot record is provided in your go-home booklet.

7. A Certificate of Health, signed by our Veterinarian is provided.

8. Each puppy goes home with a new collar.

Absolutely no puppies can be released before they are 8 weeks old - no exceptions.

* The reservation/consultation and application processing fee is $500.00. Checks should be made out to:

Powderhill Puppies

Please contact us for address.

***PLEASE NOTE: Reservation/application and consultation fees are not refundable unless we don't have a puppy for you, but can be applied toward the purchase of a future Powderhill puppy of your choice***

***PLEASE NOTE: All puppies must be paid for in full by the time they are 6 weeks old if paying by check or Good Dog payment. We require 2 weeks for these methods of payment to clear.  We will accept cash only on puppy pick up day.

Our Guarantee

The puppy you have purchased is guaranteed to be in good general health. In order for this guarantee to be valid, your new puppy must be examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours after going home with you (not counting Sundays or Holidays). 


If illness is diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian within that period of time, 100% of the sales price will be refunded to you upon immediate return of the puppy to us, accompanied by a written statement from the veterinarian confirming the problem.


Additionally, the recommended diet and good nutritional program must be followed. Routine vaccines must also be kept up to date.


The puppy you have purchased is also guaranteed explicitly and exclusively against genetic defects. If evidence of inherited disease develops within two years of age, the puppy will be replaced.  Written proof from a licensed veterinarian confirming the congenital disease must be provided to us. 

We do not reimburse for vet expenses under any circumstances.


We guarantee that papers will be provided to register your Powderhill puppy (golden retriever & poodle puppies only) with AKC. We will also provide a pedigree showing at least three generations of ancestors.


If it ever becomes necessary to place your puppy in a new home, you must contact us before giving it up to a public placement agency. We will make every effort -  at no expense to you - to locate a suitable, loving owner.


We regret that we can no longer offer boarding.  Puppies must be picked up on Puppy Pickup Day.  When considering whether to purchase a puppy we suggest that you clear your schedule for at least 30 days before and 30 days after the anticipated go home dates for the puppy.  This 60-day window should comfortably cover planning for Puppy Pick and Puppy Pickup Days when you are deciding to purchase a puppy several months before actually picking it up.

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