My mom (Janet, of Powderhill Goldens) started breeding dogs nearly 40 years ago and will be retiring soon! My sister and I will be carrying on the Powderhill legacy through Powderhill Goldens - Shoreline (Old Saybrook) and Juris Doodles (Lebanon). While we'll be changing our name we are keeping all of the same practices and commitment to responsible breeding!

We are a responsible home-based, family-centered breeder of petite and mini MultiGen Goldendoodles. Our home is located on the Connecticut shoreline where our dogs can enjoy playing on 4 acres of land.

Our dogs are part of our family and are all thoroughly health tested. Puppies are raised in our home with our children. We run a small breeding program in order to ensure that all dogs and puppies get individual attention, love and care.

Powderhill Goldens:

Powderhill Goldens - Shoreline:

(Powderhill Puppies domain and Powderhill Goldens - Shoreline are linked for ease of access during our transition)  


Last Updated 5/16/21

Important information for prospective customers:  

Please reference our waiting list section on the website to see how long our current waiting list is. Your wait time will depend on the length of the current list, the amount of puppies born each litter and your color, coat and gender preferences. 

We have 4 breeding dogs and they typically have between 4-8 puppies each litter. 

Our dogs usually go into heat and become breedable approximately every 6 months. 


🐾 Lucky delivered 5 beautiful female pups on 5/1. All puppies are reserved. They opened their eyes this weekend! They are growing every day. Watch out for their individual pics when they are 3 weeks old. Puppy pick day (plan for virtual) will be the weekend of 6/19 and puppy pick up day will be 6/26. This is Lucky's third litter 🐾 

🐾 Cleo was bred to Blaze for multigen minis (approximately 25-35 lbs). She was confirmed pregnant via ultrasound. Her estimated due date is 5/15/21- we are patiently waiting for her to deliver! Pups will be on the curlier side. All puppies are reserved. This will be Cleo's first litter 🐾


🐾 Loca started her heat cycle!  We plan to breed her to Fozzie via TCI on Tuesday. She will be bred for multigen petites (approximately 15-25 lbs).  All of her puppies are reserved. Pups will range from wavy to curly. This will be Loca's second litter 🐾

 🐾 Destiny is expected to go into heat in May. We plan to breed her to Teddy for Multigen petites (approximately 15-25 lbs). Pups will be wavy and we expect they will range in color from black to cream, tan, beige, apricot, red. All of her puppies are reserved. This will be Destiny's first litter 🐾


 🐾 Scarlett (Pele x Blaze) will be added to our breeding program pending successful health testing in late 2021/2022. She is an F1b Mini with a super sweet personality, superb structure and a beautiful wavy, red coat  🐾

🐾 Libby will be added to our breeding program pending successful health testing in late 2021/2022. She is an F1b Medium pup with all the looks, personality, structure and beautiful wavy, red coat that we are looking for in a future Powderhill dam  🐾