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Last Updated 12/13/2022

Important information for prospective customers:  

We don't have any puppies available at this time. Please see below for an estimate of when puppies are expected from each dog. 

We currently have 3 breeding dogs and they typically have between 3-8 puppies each litter. 

Our dogs usually go into heat and become breedable approximately every 6 months. 

We aren't accepting any deposits at this time. We will begin accepting deposits again when we have a confirmed pregnancy.

We generally reply to inquiries within one week. We will not be responding to emails or phone calls from 12/23-01/02

Happy Holidays!


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Updated 12/13/22

 🐾 We expect Cleo to go into heat sometime around May 2023. We plan to breed her for larger minis/small medium sized goldendoodles at that time. Sire TBD. We aren’t accepting deposits on her litter at this time.  🐾 

🐾 We are still patiently waiting for Scarlett to go into heat. We expect her heat cycle to begin sometime between now and January. She will be bred for Multigen petites or minis at that time depending on sire availability. We aren't accepting deposits on her litter at this time. 🐾


🐾 Libby will be added to our breeding program in 2023.  We will only be breeding Libby for two litters. She is an F1b small medium-sized/larger mini, with all the looks, personality, structure and beautiful wavy, red coat that we are looking for in a Powderhill dam.  🐾​​​​​

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